Recorded Classes

I’ve been studying the difference between unhealthy masculinity and femininity AND healthy masculinity and femininity. I’m excited to share with you what the difference is and how you can be in your most healthy masculine self if you’re a man and your most feminine self if you’re a woman. And, yes we all have masculine and feminine energy (traits) in us, however, most people don’t understand them so they accidentally use them incorrectly in the dating world.

Come understand the difference and get specific examples of what these actually look like to prevent costly mistakes in your dating and love life.

Led by Suzanne Muller

Do you feel magnetic? What is being magnetic anyway? What if you could learn how to be more magnetic in your dating life and even in life in general?. Learning these new skills will support you in feeling irresistible to the opposite sex. When you’re captivating and mesmerizing, it’s much easier to find love and date. Life gets easier too!

In this workshop, we’ll discuss five easy ways YOU can be more magnetic, enthralling and fascinating. You will leave this workshop excited and confident and be able to dazzle everyone.

Led by Suzanne Muller

Do you feel confident, attractive and highly desired when dating? Are you showing up to dates as your best self? Ever wonder…how do I know if someone likes me? Would you like to be more, confident and bold, without forcing it?

The solution to your love life is not to be thinner, richer, or somehow “better” than you are right now. It’s to activate inner confidence that propels you forward to meet, date, and create extraordinary relationships with someone who truly fulfills you.

In this fun online workshop, learn several tools to comfortably show up as your authentic self, so you can enjoy connecting with others. Boost your self-confidence and your attractiveness. Learn how to start conversations with anyone in a relaxed, confident, and casual way.

The workshop is delivered by myself and Monica Edwards. Monica is an expert in Love & Transformational Success Coaching as well as Nutrition & Personal Training.

Having more knowledge about MEN builds our confidence and assurance in ourselves!  This class is NOT about learning strategies or manipulation tactics.  It’s about gaining more knowledge about MEN, so they receive what they need and YOU receive what you need.

You will learn…

  • what pushes men away.
  • what is a man’s primal need.
  • texting with men.
  • what to do when he goes “into his man cave”.
  • what turns men on and what turns them off.
  • how does a man fall in love.
  • how to be your best feminine self with men.

This class is delivered by myself.

Ready to FINALLY get off of the dating merry-go-round and date that one special person forever? Becoming a phenomenal dater is your ticket off the dating market and into a healthy and spectacular relationship.

When you learn these 4 crucial skills to being a phenomenal dater, you will be someone that knows how to date well and keep the relationship fun, alive and satisfying.

I delivered this powerful workshop at The Radical Love Summit in April of 2019.

Did you learn how to date and be in a healthy relationship in school? Noooooo…

Would you like to be in a healthy, fulfilling and lasting relationship? If yes, then you’ll love this class! In this almost 2-hour class, you’ll learn the six steps to creating your very own healthy relationship.

This information will help you produce better results in your dating life and increase your confidence to be successful. The keys to a successful, healthy and lasting relationship will be at your fingertips! The workshop is delivered by myself and Monica Edwards. Monica is an expert in Love & Life Coaching, Nutrition & Personal Training.

Most people are looking and searching for love, however, that is hard-work and exhausting. Yes? Being more lovable is the art and access to attracting love right to YOU.
In this talk, Monica and I walk you through four specific ways that you can be your most lovable self and exude the energy all around you to simply and easily attract love right to you. We are excited to share with you some of our best practices to do this for yourself!
The workshop is delivered by myself and Monica Edwards. Monica is an expert in Love & Transformational Success Coaching as well as Nutrition & Personal Training.