What No One Told You About MEN

Do you think?

  • “Men are confusing, mysterious and frustrating.”
  • “I don’t understand them, but I want to.”
  •  “If I understood more about men, I’d feel more confident and empowered.”

Having more knowledge about MEN builds our confidence and assurance in ourselves!  This class is NOT about learning strategies or manipulation tactics.  It’s about gaining more knowledge about MEN, so they receive what they need and YOU receive what you need.

You will learn…

  • what pushes men away.
  • what is a man’s primal need.
  • texting with men.
  • what to do when he goes “into his man cave”.
  • what turns men on and what turns them off.
  • how does a man fall in love.
  • how to be your best feminine self with men.