Dating With Authenticity,
Boldness & Confidence!

Do you feel confident, attractive and highly desired when dating? Are you showing up to dates as your best self? Ever wonder…how do I know if someone likes me? Would you like to be more, confident and bold, without forcing it?

The solution to your love life is not to be thinner, richer, or somehow “better” than you are right now. It’s to activate inner confidence that propels you forward to meet, date, and create extraordinary relationships with someone who truly fulfills you.

In this fun online workshop, learn several tools to comfortably show up as your authentic self, so you can enjoy connecting with others. Boost your self-confidence and your attractiveness. Learn how to start conversations with anyone in a relaxed, confident, and casual way.

The workshop is delivered by myself and Monica Edwards. Monica is an expert in Love & Transformational Success Coaching as well as Nutrition & Personal Training.